Steps to keep movin’: Fitness after lockdown

So much has changed since the lockdown earlier this year. From online deejay clashes and fetes to virtual doctor’s visits, a shift in the way we operate/conduct business, new protocol guidelines, t...

July 23, 2020

Feel Good Friday: Stay sweet without sugars

A few Feel Good Fridays ago, I asked you to try to quit sugar and see how good you would feel (not to mention boost your immune system which we ALL NEED at this time). How’s that been working ...

June 19, 2020

Wellness with Natalie: I love you so Matcha!

And matcha loves you too! Feel good Friday is exploring this green-hued wonder ingredient that has made its way to coffee shops and kitchens around the world. Matcha is the green powder that res...

November 29, 2019