Beware: You might be eating fake foods!

By Meisha-Gay Mattis We’re all aware that consuming processed foods is endangering our health, but what about consuming fake foods? Yes, you read that correctly. There are many fake foods on the ma...

October 03, 2017

7 reasons why women should do strength training

By Meisha-Gay Mattis Mention strength training to the average woman —  even those who work out regularly — and you’ll probably hear statements like, “I don't want to be bulky,” or “I don't wan...

September 18, 2017

6 ways you can fight stress today

By Meisha-Gay Mattis Irrespective of how well balanced your life may be, or how many hours of yoga and meditation you practise weekly, some amount of stress is inescapable. There are many times ...

July 14, 2017

Stay hydrated to match rising temperatures

By Meisha-Gay Mattis It’s still a couple days until the official start of the summer season, but the heat is already upon us, with temperatures steadily rising. Yes, we live in a tropical climat...

June 19, 2017