Reggae show to promote unity in Kenya

For 15 years, show promoter Kenya Don has brought dancehall’s elite artistes to Africa which is one of the genre’s vibrant markets. But on July 6, he stages what may be his most important gig to date....

June 29, 2019

Bobby Bigga gets big buzz for 'Day One'

Dancehall artiste Bobby Bigga 5 is pleased with the feedback to the video for his popular  'Day One' single. The video was released a few months ago and based on the buzz around the song, will be...

June 24, 2019

Coppershot Disco celebrates 25 years

Jamaican sound system operators Coppershot Disco is celebrating 25 years in the entertainment industry, noting that its hard-working team is beyond grateful for hitting the notable...

April 04, 2019