Rupert Clarke

Another churchman wanted for sexual abuse of a minor in St Elizabeth

Head of the St Elizabeth Police Division, Superintendent Lansford Salmon, has indicated that the man is Zachariah Wright, popularly known as ‘Brother Zacky’, a member of the Top Hill Church of God of Prophesy in the parish.

Superintendent Salmon is seeking the public’s assistance to get Wright into police custody. He also called for persons to begin to expose more sexual offences

Churches grapple to mend image after sex pastor

Church leaders say they believe that the setback is so severe that it will impact the ability of churches to connect with many Jamaicans.

This confession from religious leaders comes just days before they enter into the National Leadership Prayer Breakfast (NLPB), one of the most anticipated events in the country.

The leaders made this known at the Pegasus Hotel in Kingston where the NLPB was officially launched on Thursday, January 12.

PRESIDENT, VICE-PRESIDENT OUT: Church member welcomes resignations in sex pastor drama

“It’s a good venture,” the woman told Loop News.

“I think you will find that others will do the same thing too,” she added.

Dr Paul Gardner and Vice-President Jermaine Gibson resigned amid the sex scandal triggered after Clarke was arrested December 28 and later charged for having sex with a 15-year-old girl in St Elizabeth.  

Embattled Hampton principal sent on leave; school board given until January 30 to submit report

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information made the disclosure in a news release issued late Wednesday, after a meeting between Education Minister Senator Ruel Reid, among senior ministry officers, Murray, and members of the Hampton Board and the Munro and Dickerson Trust at the Ministry’s National Heroes Circle offices earlier in the day.

Hampton School Principal says sorry again, this time to the nation

Clarke appeared before the St Elizabeth Parish Court on a charge of having sex with a minor.

IT CAN’T BE RAPE: 'Leave sex pastor alone'

“A she give the man the [sex],” the 25-year-old woman, who gave her name as Shauna, told Loop News on Tuesday.

“Them young girls are to blame because they love old man too much,” said Shauna, who doesn’t know the teen.

SEX PASTOR DRAMA: ‘He disgraced our community’; sex rumours had long swirled

“Him disgrace Maidstone,” one young woman told Loop News, as she and a group of people discussed the scandal in the town square, just a stone’s throw away from the Nazareth Moravian Church where Clarke pastored.

DPP to seek transfer of pastor’s ‘sex’ case from St Elizabeth to Kingston

There has been intense media spotlight on 64-year-old Rupert Clarke's arrest and prosecution for allegedly having sex with a minor, and Llewellyn said there is concern about whether this could prejudice the case, which will be tried by a jury.

As a result, her office is to apply to have the case transferred to Kingston in March, when the St Elizabeth Circuit Court opens. 

It has been noted that a defence attorney could use arguments on the question of prejudice to have a case dismissed.

Mother of child in pastor's 'sex' case likely to be charged with offences

The woman, who reportedly has 11 children living in very poor circumstances, is likely to face charges of child neglect, among other child abuse-related offences.

Last week, the 15-year-old who was allegedly found in a compromising position with Pastor Clarke, as well as her 13-year-old sister, were taken from the mother’s custody by the Child Development Agency (CDA) and placed in state care.

This occurred amid reports that the accused clergyman was sexually involved with more than one of the woman's children.

PNP councillor welcomes apology, but renews call for Hampton principal to resign

In a statement Monday afternoon, Councilor Douglas said she welcomes news that Murray has apologised for attempting to bar the media from taking photographs at Court of the alleged child abuser, 64-year-old Moravian pastor, Rupert Clarke, who was charged with rape last week after being allegedly caught in a compromising position in his car with a 15-year-old girl in Austin district, St Elizabeth.