Paula Llewellyn

WOMEN IN ENERGY: Don't be afraid to be ambitious - DPP

“If you love doing something, you must never feel that you have to follow the herd,” said  Llewellyn, speaking on the final day of the Women in Energy Conference at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel.

The DPP also spoke about toxic work environments, arguing that it was something a lot of women grapple with on a daily basis, often fueled by senior members of organisations who feel threatened.

DPP to seek transfer of pastor’s ‘sex’ case from St Elizabeth to Kingston

There has been intense media spotlight on 64-year-old Rupert Clarke's arrest and prosecution for allegedly having sex with a minor, and Llewellyn said there is concern about whether this could prejudice the case, which will be tried by a jury.

As a result, her office is to apply to have the case transferred to Kingston in March, when the St Elizabeth Circuit Court opens. 

It has been noted that a defence attorney could use arguments on the question of prejudice to have a case dismissed.

Senior prosecutor assigned to Patrick Powell’s gun-related case

Powell is facing a charge of failing to hand over his licensed firearm to the police for inspection, with the matter scheduled to be heard on November 18.

DPP calls X6 witness’ evidence ‘unfortunate, sad’

“I will not speculate on why Mr Wright gave this evidence, which was clearly different from what is in his statement,” Llewellyn told reporters after Powell was acquitted in the Home Circuit Court Monday.

‘There is a higher justice’ — Khajeel Mais’ family

They are now looking to God to deliver that justice.

“The family, first of all, they thanked the prosecution team for all the hard work we put in to prepare the case and secondly they indicated that… there is a higher justice,” Director of Public Prosecutions Paula Llewellyn told reporters Monday.

Sister of Khajeel Mais cries for justice

Businessman Patrick Powell is to be tried on a charge of murder for the shooting death of the then 17-year-old Khajeel on July 1, 2011.

The trial – set to begin next Wednesday in the Home Circuit Court - has stalled on a number of occasions for various reasons, raising the ire of the boy’s sister, Kimberly Mais.

Causewell wanted relationship with daughter of woman he murdered

The shocking revelation was made in the Home Circuit Court Friday by Causewell’s psychiatrist — Dr Barrington Davidson — during the businessman’s sentencing hearing.

Davidson told the court that Causewell told him that he wanted to develop a relationship with Prendergast after coming to see him for his depression.

We Inspire Women: Be a facilitator to other females, DPP tells women

In a heartfelt message at the We Inspire Women launch at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel on Monday, Llewellyn challenged members of the largely female audience to “be a facilitator” to at least one other woman.

Former Scotland Yard detective reopens a can of worms as he breaks his silence on Jamaica

The politician was never charged and the case has since vanished from the public's imagination.

Green, who was hired by the Jamaican government to professionalise the police force, gave an exclusive interview to the Miami Herald about the investigation.

The former top cop said he “found enough evidence and he had recommended that prosecutors charge the politician.”

However, Green said, after carefully assembling his case, the country’s Ministry of National Security refused to offer protection to one of the key witnesses- which caused the case to crumble. 

TRAFIGURA DRAMA: Judge, KD Knight clash in court

Things got heated as Knight took issue with Justice Lennox Campbell’s tone and raised his own voice, telling him, “Don’t shout at me!”

As the two locked horns, Campbell said it was “a sad day’ when a Queen’s Counsel can behave in that manner.