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New speaker identified for National Leadership Prayer Breakfast

Taylor replaces Bishop Stanley Clarke, former President of the Moravian Church in Jamaica who withdrew as speaker last week.

Clark, advised the Breakfast Committee that the current controversy engulfing his denomination, where a pastor from the church was caught having sex with a 15-year-old girl, could overshadow the message he would wish to deliver to the nation at the breakfast. 

He condemns the alleged actions of his colleague minister and regrets the harm inflicted on the victim, her family, the church and the nation.

Embattled church head pondering role as Chairman of the Teachers Services’ Commission

It is understood that the churchman, whose leadership and institution are now embroiled in a gripping sex scandal, is scheduled to meet with Education, Youth and Information Minister, Senator Ruel Reid.

The meeting was called at the request of Dr Gardner, whose stewardship and personal integrity has been brought into question by disturbing allegations of sexual abuse among high-ranking members of the church.

Moravian Church bishop withdraws as speaker at National Leadership Prayer Breakfast

Bishop Stanley Clark, former President of the Moravian Church in Jamaica, advised the Breakfast Committee that the current controversy engulfing his denomination could overshadow the message he would wish to deliver to the nation at the breakfast. 

Churches grapple to mend image after sex pastor

Church leaders say they believe that the setback is so severe that it will impact the ability of churches to connect with many Jamaicans.

This confession from religious leaders comes just days before they enter into the National Leadership Prayer Breakfast (NLPB), one of the most anticipated events in the country.

The leaders made this known at the Pegasus Hotel in Kingston where the NLPB was officially launched on Thursday, January 12.

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VIDEO: Holness meets with Netanyahu in Israel

Prime Minister Andrew Holness met with Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, in Jerusalem on Thursday.


IT CAN’T BE RAPE: 'Leave sex pastor alone'

“A she give the man the [sex],” the 25-year-old woman, who gave her name as Shauna, told Loop News on Tuesday.

“Them young girls are to blame because they love old man too much,” said Shauna, who doesn’t know the teen.

SEX PASTOR DRAMA: ‘He disgraced our community’; sex rumours had long swirled

“Him disgrace Maidstone,” one young woman told Loop News, as she and a group of people discussed the scandal in the town square, just a stone’s throw away from the Nazareth Moravian Church where Clarke pastored.

Young poet highlights hypocrisy in church

Laing, in a poem entitled Young Girl, tells the story of a female child who is being sexually abused by a pastor. The traumatised child is forced to face her abuser each Sunday at church while the congregation, and even the child's mother, turns a blind eye to his crimes. 

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Moravian 'sex' pastor offered bail

Sixty-four-year-old Rupert Clarke was offered $800,000 bail in the St Elizabeth Parish Court on Wednesday.

Clarke was offered bail a day after he was charged with rape on Tuesday, January 3.