Saturday 21 September, 2019

 Youthful role model cut down in Maverley, St Andrew

“Love is composed of two souls inhabiting a single body,”- Aristotle.

People who knew Kirk Blackwood, a 22-year-old resident of Maverley, St Andrew for over a year, described him as a gentle soul whose pleasant personality made him a role model for many in the community.

But it was his relationship with his girlfriend of the same age that made him the centre of admiration to all around him.

According to residents, the two were seen on a daily basis heading to and from work.

"So pleasant was the sight of the two young people that people in the community would normally describe them as the Romeo and Juliet couple of the community," said a resident there.

“You would never see one without the other. They were the perfect example of what two young people in love should look like. They were role models to young people in the community,” another resident told Loop News.

All of that was, however, brought to a crashing end last Saturday when Blackwood, making his way home from a hard day at work was chased and shot dead by criminals from the community.

The killing has since sent shock waves across the community and has also left residents there grappling to come to terms with the brutal attack.

Reports from the police are that about 3:30 a.m., the young man was walking along the Denver Crescent section of the community when he was approached by a group of armed men.

Shortly after, the sounds of gunfire broke the early morning silence. Residents said they heard the young man pleading with his attackers telling them that he was innocent and that he was a member of the church. His calls for mercy did nothing to stop the criminals.

Reports are that he was shot 10 times.

The police were called and the bullet-riddled body of the young man was found on the road.

The police say they are following several leads in relation to the killing, but have remained tight-lipped on their findings so far.

However, they have indicated that their presence has since been increased in the community.

The police say they are also investigating a case where another teenager was shot in another section of the community a week before.


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