Friday 3 April, 2020

Young Jamaica: Golding vindicated on 'no-user-fee' policy by IDB

Former Prime Minister Bruce Golding

Former Prime Minister Bruce Golding

The youth arm of the Jamaica Labour Party, Young Jamaica, says the previous Bruce Golding-led administration has been vindicated by an Inter-American Development Bank report "attributing an increase in economic productivity and the overall improvement in the health of Jamaicans" to the no-user-fee policy implemented by Government in 2008.

According to the report published in April, the no user fee policy in the public health sector increased the general health of Jamaicans, especially the poor, added economic growth by adding two hours of productivity each week as well as added a yearly average of USD$26.6 million from 2005 to 2012 to the overall economy.

“We have always maintained that while there are challenges in the health system, the policy of making health care accessible is a good direction and a foundation upon which we should build to improve overall healthcare. I am happy that Bruce Golding then wasn’t distracted by the negative opposition of the PNP but kept his blinkers on in ensuring healthcare in Jamaica is accessible for all,” according to president of Young Jamaica, Howard Chamberlain, in a press release.

“However, we cannot speak about healthcare today without giving very high praises to current Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton who rescued a sector that was almost to its knees under the last PNP Government. People are feeling more confident about the system as the government addresses the different challenges,” stated Chamberlain. 

Young Jamaica said the present JLP administration deserves "very high grades" in the field of healthcare and implored the Government to "continue on their stellar path".    

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