Saturday 8 August, 2020

Treats, gifts and gestures: Mother's Day ideas from around the web

Mother’s Day is when we take the time to honour the women who gave us life and raised us. This year it falls on Sunday May 13, which means there is still plenty of time to decide how you want to show your appreciation, whether it’s a chore or a nice gesture, a thoughtful gift, or some family time.  

Whatever your preference, there is plenty of inspiration available on the internet. Loop takes a look at the lists, articles and posts out there to help you find the right way to show your mother how you feel.

First up, you could bake something. Here’s a list of great Mother’s Day recipes, from cakes and cupcakes to more complicated desserts. There’s a fairy cakes recipe that might be good for younger children to try with their dads. And for experienced bakers who want to go to town, both the pistachio and honey ice cream cake and the decadent raspberry mousse cake look fantastic.

Does your mum love the latest in tech? Here’s an eye-opening selection of the latest gadgets, from wearable tech to innovations that can streamline your home. Highlights include a coffeemaker that you can operate from a smartphone and a bedside vase that doubles as a smartphone charger.

(Bedside vase meets smartphone charger - Image: Uncommon Goods)

If you struggle to say it with words, why not try some music for your mum? Here’s a list of seven great reggae songs that pay homage to women. And yes, Shaggy’s Strength of a Woman is now firmly stuck in Loop’s head.    

If your mother is into fitness, this article features the latest in comfortable wireless headphones for working out, exercise shoes and a foam roller for stretching sore muscles. For the globe-trotting mother, travel goodies like a lightweight wrap for when it gets cold on the plane are on offer here.

(Image: Breakfast tray - a popular Mother's Day treat)

For new mums, this list has some useful (and some weird) suggestions, including a baby book to record those special milestones. But this survey by suggests that the things new mothers want most for Mother’s Day can’t be bought online. Top of the list is a clean house, followed by sleep and then time to get some exercise, showing that helping out is just as likely to make a new mother happy as a present.    

And there are lots of things you can do without splashing out. Here’s a really nice list that includes things like doing a bit of work in the garden for your mother, heading out for a walk or a picnic, washing her car or fixing something around the house, or simply taking the time to head over for a catch-up. Making brunch is another favourite – you could try these Caribbean brunch suggestions or keep it simple with breakfast in bed.  

(Image: These were all gifts that didn't particularly hit the spot, according to a UK survey)

How about some tips on what not to do? This list, apparently commissioned by a UK restaurant chain, features 30 gifts that went unappreciated including deodorant, a fire extinguisher, a tin of paint, washing up liquid, hair dye, toilet roll, a calculator and a snake. One man reportedly bought his mother a toilet plunger. Across the internet, the general consensus is that – unless specifically requested - cleaning products and pets do not make good Mother’s Day presents.

And finally, sometimes the smallest things can be the loveliest, as Michelle Obama showed in 2017. She posted a picture of her and her mother on Instagram with this heartfelt caption: “Happy #MothersDay to my mom. I strive to be the kind of mother to my girls that you have always been to me.”

(Image: Michelle Obama posted her message on Instagram)

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