Wednesday 23 September, 2020

Wray and Nephew's waste-management initiative shows commitment to Jamaica - Holness

Holness applauded J. Wray and Nephew and its parent company, Gruppo Campari for the newly established ecologically friendly initiative and says this shows the company's commitment to Jamaica.

He toured the Spanish Town Road plant on Wednesday, during which he officially opened the company's wastewater system while being updated on the bottle and paper processing projects of the company, as well as the 500-kilowatt photovoltaic solar system.

According to Jorge Gonzales, J. Wray and Nephew's senior director for production supply chain, the company spent just over US$10m, to eliminate all waste that the plant emanates.

Gonzales notes that, "no cost is too high for the environment," which Holness was quick to point out, shows good corporate citizenship.

"I am very impressed with what I have seen. That (Gonzales' comment) tells me that J. Wray and Nephew and the Campari Group, are true believers in protecting the environment,” said Holness.

"What you have done in placing almost US$10m of investment in this recycling and sustainable industrial production initiative, which amounts to more than 20% of what you are spending globally on all your plants, shows the commitment to sustainable environment operations, but a commitment to Jamaica as well and I want to personally congratulate you for taking that initiative,” the Prime Minister said.

According to Holness, the initiative was achieved through collaborative effort between the company and regulators.

He said: "we must also acknowledge the role of NEPA (National Environment and Planning Agency) in all of this, because in going through the tour and hearing the explanation, there was no sense of an adversarial relationship between the industrial waste producer and the regulator. It seems to have been a collaborative effort, working together.”

"And that is an example that other corporate entities in Jamaica should take. We may not all have the resources to invest in a state of the art plant such as what is here at J. Wray and Nephew, but we all must have the commitment. And it is the commitment that counts.

"Jamaica is a small island. Our resources are not infinite and the truth is they are not going to last forever. If we incorporate in our personal behaviour and our corporate behaviour, a sustainable way of production, then we can extend the life of the resources that we have," Prime Minister Holness said.

Holness urged Wray and Nephew, "to show it to others to use it as an example to assist them in coming to solution, even if it is not at that level of sophistication, but to at least give them the impetus to start the process of incorporating good practices into their industrial production."

In an interview with Loop Jamaica, Gonzales said the whole waste management operation took a couple of years to complete, but it was done mostly last year.

“It helps us to be 100 per cent compliant and respectful of the environment. We will be 100 per cent compliant with the regulations because we want to be in good footing with everybody and comply with what is regulated,” Gonzales said.

He said the eco system will give the company’s products the reputation of being ecologically friendly.

“Not generating solid waste as 100 per cent of the waste is being recycled. And also ecologically friendly from the effluent. Not having any effluent that goes out of this plant, that has a contaminating effect on the environment,” Gonzales said. "In fact, we want to reutilize the water that we put out, so that we can irrigate and further the beauty of our plants or use it four our own process.”

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