Saturday 6 June, 2020

Wounded man refuses mediation

Miguel Nelson was most upset.

He was one of three Corporate Area men charged with unlawful wounding who appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Monday. Nelson and his brother Howard Nelson were involved in a bust up with Elvis Douglas in their community weeks ago.

In recent times, there has been a thrust by the courts to urge persons who come before the courts with cases involving certain types of minor disputes to seek restorative justice through mediation.

The parties are urged to seek mediation and talk over their differences and, if that method is unsuccessful, then the case will return before the courts for trial. In any case the parties must return to court to reveal the result of the mediation exercise.

The attempt was made by Senior Parish Judge Vaughn Smith to get the three accused to seek mediation but Nelson would have none of it.

"Sir, no sir. My six bedroom house was burnt down, flat to the ground. I don't want any mediation. Sir them say is Elvis and him friend dem do it sir,"  he said.

"Did they go to the police and say so?" Judge Smith asked.

"Sir dem fraid of him sir," Nelson replied.

Judge Smith then turned his attention to Douglas.

"You have anything to do with his house being destroyed?" the judge asked.

"No sir," Douglas replied before mumbling under his breath, "Him a coke head."

All three were ordered to return to court on June 27.

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