Sunday 9 December, 2018

Women scolded by gunman for ‘not having anything’ when being robbed

One of two women who were robbed of their cell phones and handbags containing a passport and other important documents on Tuesday night while on her way from church, has an amusing tale to tell about one of the robbers, despite still fuming from the loss and trauma that were involved.

Simone Hamilton (not her real name) is a resident of Arnett Gardens in lower St Andrew. She told Loop News that she and her church sister were robbed at gunpoint in the vicinity of the Fish Pot establishment on Half-Way Tree Road in St Andrew.

The traumatised woman recalled how she went home and related her experience to her brother, who decided to place a call to the stolen phone.

What transpired next is nothing short of hilarious, if not brazen.

“When my brother called the phone and ask if he could get it back, the thief tell him say wi did a ‘move too strong, and is a food we did a look, but dem never even have nothing,’”Hamilton recalled.

She admitted that initially she and her friend had refused to hand over their bags to the hoodlums, resulting in the thieves threatening them.

She said when her brother asked the thief to have someone leave the phone at a police station, his comment was a declarative, “a set you waan set up man”.

Hamilton said she did not bother to report the matter to the police on the night of the incident as, after the unpleasant encounter, she was just too traumatised, and simply wanted to get home.

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