Thursday 19 September, 2019

What's Up? There's 'no limit' for Lybran 'Di Rum Boss'



Lybran, the self-proclaimed "Rum Boss" who is generating a buzz inside the dancehall with his 'drunken' lyrics, is unfazed by potential challenges he may face due to his not-so-politically-correct style of deejaying.

"Where there is a will, there is a way... if I am not getting enough air play, I will focus on stage show performances, if I am not getting stage performances, I will sell my music in the streets," Lybran told Loop News.  

"There are more ways to approach the music industry, it's just that some people limit their minds," he said.

Still, the artiste stresses that he doesn't promote intoxication in his music, which is mostly comedic. The 'Rum Boss' is this week's guest on What's Up? Watch his interview with Ramon Lindsay in which he talks about, among other things, his career journey and how he conceptualised his 'drunken' style.

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