Sunday 22 September, 2019

Westmoreland supermarket worker on murder rap gunned down at workplace

The Westmoreland police are probing the daring murder of a supermarket employee at his workplace in Savanna-la-Mar on Wednesday afternoon.

The deceased has been identified as 22-year-old Oseal Hall of a Grange Hill and Dexter, Savanna-la-Mar,  Westmoreland adddesses.

Up until the time of his death, Hall, who was facing a murder charge, was said to be reporting to the Savanna-la-Mar police as a condition of his bail.

Reports are that shortly after 12 pm, Hall was shot multiple times by a lone gunman who entered the supermarket along Great Georges Street in Savanna-la-Mar. 

It is said that the gunman opened fire on Hall after he was pointed out by a female.

Hall was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The shooting caused frightened shoppers and supermarket staff to scamper in different directions.

Meanwhile, investigators from the Savanna-la-Mar police station theorise that the shooting was a reprisal attack.

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