Sunday 17 November, 2019

Westmoreland residents protest over bad roads for second straight day

For the second straight day, residents of Westmoreland staged a massive demonstration, blocking several roads in protest of the deplorable road conditions.

Scores of residents including students have been affected by the demonstration.

The residents are up in arms with the authorities over the pothole riddled roadway between Whithorn to Darliston.

As they did yesterday, from early this morning the demonstrating residents used huge boulders and other debris to block over six miles of the road from Whithorn to Darliston.

The communities of Whithorn Frame Hill,Content, Barnett Side, Holy Hill, Cairn Curran, Caledonia, Ashton and Darliston are affected by the road blocks.

Motorists among the demonstrators claim they are fed up with the bad road conditions which ruin their motor vehicles.

Meanwhile, Councillor for the Darliston Division Jerome Bacchas has pointed to the lack of funds that has caused the delay of road rehabilitation programme in the area.


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