Thursday 26 November, 2020

Wellness Wednesday: Plants are greener in Wally’s Garden

Andrew Walcott, the 'plant daddy' behind Wally's Garden shares his love for green spaces. (Photos: Contributed)

Andrew Walcott, the 'plant daddy' behind Wally's Garden shares his love for green spaces. (Photos: Contributed)

There’s an overwhelmingly satisfying plant community on Instagram and you too can discover it by searching the hashtags #plantmom, #plantdad or just plain #plants, or by scrolling from one plant page to the next.

“It’s my therapy”, many suggest, and so it is for the self-titled ‘Plant Daddy’ Andrew Walcott.


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To cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, many have unearthed dormant talents, discovered new ones, earned a degree, or, in Walcott’s case, rediscovered his love for plants.

It’s been exactly a month since Walcott joined the plantstagram (an online community of plantsmen, gardeners, and plant admirers who share posts of their plants, pots, or the like). 

Using the moniker Wally’s Garden, Walcott and his followers engage in daily plant discussions via posts and obsess over the little things that make plants thrive.

His plant appreciation started years ago, as his parents, particularly his father Harry, would care for many of the plants around the home.

And, growing up, Andrew's paternal grandmother BeBe Williams was known to family members as the "mother of plants".

Even his sister Anna Lisa is into gardening. She has a vegetable garden in her backyard and has reaped cucumbers, lettuce, kale, basil, cilantro, and more.


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Walcott’s flora fervour withered somewhat to an admiration of nature and plant photography.

But, about four years ago, after moving out of his parent’s house, he decided to hone his planting skills and start caring for the plants around his new home.

Loop Lifestyle had a quick chat with Walcott to learn more…

His favourite plant: Golden pothos (or Devil’s Ivy)

Reason: they’re pretty common; grows wildly; he loves its versatility. “I’ve always had a sweet spot for them and the fact that they grow so quick, it's easy.”

Watching a plant grow, seeing a plant shoot up out of the ground…seeing that happens is also rewarding. Whenever I see that I post it on my page and people are always excited.

Top three gardening tools: a ‘las’, a hand shovel (or garden spade), and clippers (pruning shears)

What’s one plant-related thing that boggles the mind before bed?

“It’s if my plants have enough water, or if they don’t have enough water. I’ve started watering my plants at night.” Having plants in his bedroom helps to ensure they are properly and consistently fed.

Hang-ups with re-potting?

I love re-potting. The only thing I hate is that I can’t do it all the time…it’s kinda traumatic for the plants, but if I could repot every week, I probably would. My biggest issue with re-potting is managing the heat since I have to be outside most of the time.

Walcott strongly agrees, planting is quite rewarding…

It’s almost like therapy for me. About two weeks ago I propagated a Golden Pothos in water…and…watching the roots grow every week, there’s just another level of encouragement like you’re doing something right. I put them in the soil last week and the next day you see how the cuttings react to the soil. 

The most rewarding thing about raising plant babies… “I love to look at them, I love to see them in the house, they’re calming for me, and I love to move them around. I can always change up my space.”

Also, watching them sprout and thrive; having them around to keep him company, the fact that they clear out toxins and bad gases while creating oxygen, are all pluses.

Walcott wants you to follow the page and feel comfortable asking plant-based questions… "I’m really interested in finding people that share the same interests.”

Just recently, he gifted a Monstera Deliciosa with one of his lucky followers on IG.

You can contact the Plant Daddy Andrew Walcott @wallysgarden on Instagram.

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