Thursday 18 July, 2019

Wellness with Natalie: Be your healthiest you

Hey there. I’m Natalie, and through this weekly message I will be sharing my passion for health, fitness and real food with you.

I was a banker for 16 years – but I knew I didn’t want that to be my life’s work. So I searched for a path that would inspire me, my family and those around me to be better. Three years ago I stepped boldly in the direction of my true calling to guide and inspire people to their healthiest and happiest selves as an Integrative Health Coach.

Never a believer in diets, I have proven through my own existence that consistent application of a healthy active lifestyle with healthy choices can have significant impact on your overall wellbeing. I’m talking how you feel, how you think, how you sleep.

As a mother of three with a family history of diabetes, I know the struggles of emotion and food. I know the struggles of convenience and health, of deadlines and of quiet times. I know there is no magic pill, no quick fix. I do believe the body can heal itself or, given the right environment, I believe in the healing power of foods.

As an Integrative Health Coach I significantly impact the lives of my clients by working with them to make gradual food and lifestyle changes that produce real transformations and lasting healthy results. I work with organic non-GMO superfoods and essential oils to better my clients’ health, reduce stress, improve their energy and enhance restorative sleep.

I offer individual coaching, run corporate wellness programs, detox programs, a meal preparation program and make healthy snacks for my clients. I am also a Star Level 2 Mad Dogg Certified Spinning® Instructor teaching at Chai Studios. I am co-founder of Spinning® Escape Jamaica, an annual fitness event in Negril, Jamaica.

Well, that’s a lot about me. Now it’s time to tell me something about you. What would you like to learn about through this weekly message?

Let me help you be your healthiest self!

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