Monday 13 July, 2020

Well said, Minister Samuda, in honour of the nation’s teachers

Minister without Portfolio with responsibility for the Education, Youth and Information portfolios, Karl Samuda, has conveyed a message of recognition and appreciation of the work and commitment of the nation’s teachers on the occasion of Teachers’ Day 2019.

With very little more that could be appropriately said than the words of the minister, below is the full text of the statement:

“The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information is pleased to salute our teachers as we celebrate Teachers’ Day on Wednesday, May 8, 2019.

“Jamaica owes a great deal to our teachers, whose role in nurturing our students has been evolving and becoming more challenging over time.

“As the society evolves, school teachers must be fully cognisant of trends, and implement workable solutions to gain the most fruitful and productive results.

“Our educators have had to respond to changing family structures, the impact of new technologies, and social conditions which (when) combined, pose challenges and new opportunities.

“The important role of teachers is therefore undeniable as Jamaica pursues its path towards sustainable development.

“The teaching profession, it is said, ‘creates all other professions’, and this simple truth encapsulates the critical role of teachers in the developmental process.

“We must also never take for granted the need for our teachers to be motivated and empowered. Our teachers deserve our gratitude because they have to go beyond just teaching for good results in many cases. They also have to care for and counsel students; they have to work in under-resourced conditions, and they have to perform administrative duties.

“The influence and reach of a teacher is not quantifiable. One day in the year is simply just not enough to recognise the invaluable contribution to nation building by our teachers.

“We salute your work and tireless drive to ensure the betterment of our nation’s youth. I urge all educators to renew and reaffirm your lifetime commitment to moulding our young people through education, thus strengthening the fabric of our society.

“May you have a blessed day of reflection and inspiration, as you face the challenges and opportunities which lie ahead.

 “Have a truly wonderful Teachers’ Day and may God bless you all!



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