WEIRD NEWS: Laughter at local bank as man tries to collect funds sent to another account

Customers at a bank in Kingston broke out in laughter on Friday afternoon when a customer, in a fit of rage, stormed out of the financial institution after a money transaction went sour.

At about 3:00 pm, the man entered the bank to, according to him, collect $50,000 gifted to him by his friend.

He made the comment while waiting in line to collect his 'prize'.
"Me boss, me friend send me $50,000 and say me must pick it up at the bank. Him all save me the trouble and fill out the withdrawal  slip and place all his account number on the top and say all me must do is bring this to the teller," the man told this Loop News reporter.
However, the confident look that the man initially had on his face was quickly erased when other customers told him that the transaction was not possible.
"For you to withdraw the funds, the friend must send the funds to your account, not his account," another male customer explained.
"Wha you mean?" the frightened looking man asked.
"No man, is the account number this," he continued, pointing to the withdrawal slip. "Me friend nah go round me. He told me that he sent the funds to his account and to prove it him all fill out the withdrawal form and even placed the account number where the money was sent to. See it there."
The man was becoming more frustrated by the second and, not able to maintain his cool anymore, briskly walked out to the information desk to get professional advice as to how long it would take for him to collect the funds.
When he was told that the transaction was impossible, the man stormed out of the bank in anger, triggering laughter from customers and workers at the financial institution.