Friday 3 April, 2020

'We listened': Digicel gains significantly in customer satisfaction

Justin Morin

Justin Morin

Stung by criticisms from its customers, Digicel Jamaica set about on a mission 15 months ago to restore its consumer-friendly reputation.

The seed of that programme was sowed by a leadership change a month prior, in November 2017, with the appointment of the communication leader’s first ever Jamaican CEO, Justin Morin, who made customer satisfaction a top priority upon joining the company.

“There were a lot of pain points out there with our customers, ranging from ‘credit disappearing too fast’ to ‘not the right type of offers out there for me that fits my pocket’,” said Morin in an interview with Loop News.

“We spent a lot of time listening to customers, doing the market research to understand what those pain points were and then we went about systematically improving them,” Morin recalled.

In a move towards meeting customer demand, Digicel Jamaica launched its Destination Data drive in December 2017. The initiative, the company said, was designed to give customers what they asked for: no data average, simplified offers, and rollover data and minutes. What’s more is that it reduced PayGo data charge by a massive 60 per cent, from $50 per MB to $20 per MB, to ensure that customers’ data lasts significantly longer.

“That programme (Destination Data) has been really successful for us in making these changes that our customers have been asking for,” Morin said. “All of that has really worked well and we saw tremendous engagement once again from our customers.”

Additionally, the company has continued its aggressive expansion of its LTE footprint in an effort to deliver superfast mobile data speeds to Jamaicans. As a result, Digicel Jamaica now has the largest LTE network in the English-speaking Caribbean.

“We have made a conscious decision to invest in rolling out LTE across Jamaica, and over the last year we have made tremendous stride,” Morin said.

“We have rolled out our LTE network across seven more parishes, so now we are up to 10 parishes in LTE coverage, which brings us up to 70 per cent population coverage,” he said, noting that the network will “soon” reach St Mary, Portland and St Thomas to complete islandwide coverage.

This pro-customer approach is paying off for Digicel Jamaica. According to independent market research agency, Coyne, the company’s net promoter score – an index which measures customer experience – has moved from +18 in December 17 to +32 in January 2019. Customer satisfaction, favourability and the belief that Digicel is ‘changing for the better’ have all increased significantly over the period, according to market research.

It’s an assessment supported by data from the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR), which, in its recent second and third quarter reports, ranked Digicel Jamaica as having the lowest number of complaints per 100,000 customers across all major utilities. On average, Digicel Jamaica recorded three complaints per 100,000 customers compared to its competitor’s 52 complaints per 100,000 customers.

“That’s another proof point from the OUR that Digicel has changed for the better; has improved its products and services,” noted Morin.

According to Morin, the company has set itself a net promoter target of +50, a level which he said will be attained using the same customer-centric strategy which has restored the brand name among consumers.

“We have a lot of very exciting programmes we are going to continue to work on. We are continuing to do our focus groups, listening to customers and making the changes they ask for,” he said.

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