Wednesday 23 October, 2019

WATCH: PNP hierarchy vs the people in leadership race, says Campbell

Dr Dayton Campbell

Dr Dayton Campbell

People’s National Party MP for North West St Ann, Dr Dayton Campbell has cast the impending party presidential race as a “battle between the party hierarchy and the people”.

Speaking at Sunday evening’s Annual Conference of the Westchester Division of the South East St Catherine constituency held at the Cumberland Community Centre, Campbell,  who has endorsed challenger Peter Bunting, declared he had no interest in remaining “an MP in Opposition”.

“This is a political party, and the mission of a political party is to win elections so as to put itself in a position to act in the people’s interest,” Campbell said, adding that Bunting, who announced his intention to seek the presidency some two weeks ago, offered the best hope for returning the party to a majority position and was the choice of the "people". Watch the video below.

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