Wednesday 28 October, 2020

Watch: Miami Carnival catering to the deaf

Miami Carnival is extending its arms to everyone including the deaf.

This year, to ensure the deaf and hard of hearing can enjoy the festivities better, the Miami Carnival Committee has engaged the services of a sign language specialist called Fling Handz, who interprets activities on stage during events.

John Beckford, Director of Marketing and Sponsorship of the Miami Carnival Committee, made the revelation when he came to Trinidad last week for the launch of the annual event. 

"The hearing-impaired community they go close to the speakers cause they can feel the vibrations of the music, so feeling the vibrations of the music and seeing the interpreter on will really be fantastic," he said.

It was the first time in years Miami Carnival has been launched in Trinidad and Tobago.

The event was made possible thanks to local state television TTT, who is the official media network for Miami Carnival.

In her address at the event which was held at The Bungalow on Friday night, Lisa Wickham, CEO of TTT, said she sees the partnership as a natural fit given their 100 percent local thrust and Live for Local campaign as a connector to the diaspora through partnerships such as these.

Beckford said the launch in T&T was part of a wider marketing strategy which saw the committee marketing Miami Carnival in Carnivals in Jamaica, St Lucia and the Cayman Islands. 

Miami Carnival will celebrate its 35th anniversary this year. 

The event will culminate on October 13.



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