Saturday 8 August, 2020

WATCH: Jamaican artiste injured in freak accident on board a plane

Jamaican reggae artiste, Nature Ellis.

Jamaican reggae artiste, Nature Ellis.

Jamaican reggae artiste, Andre Ellis, popularly known as ‘Nature Ellis’, was on Friday taken to a hospital following a freak accident on board a plane.

Reports from the artiste, known for hit songs such as ‘World Peace’, are that he was on his way from Europe to Jamaica, when a flight attendant spilled hot coffee over sections of his body.

The artiste took to his Instagram page to tell of the experience.

A video of the artiste was captured after the injury, with him being transported in a wheelchair.

Watch the video below of the artiste about to get medical treatment.

“Coffee turn over on me while on my way to Jamaica coming from Europe (not my fault, hostess was passing with a big container of it 😭😤, I was seated with my seat belt on and could not move (to avoid the hot liquid); burn up some parts of me; happened some hours ago; in pain right now,” said the artiste.

He was later taken to a hospital, but it was not clear if he was admitted for treatment.

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