Thursday 26 November, 2020

Watch Harold Brady get evicted from his home

Harold Brady

Harold Brady

Disgraced former attorney Harold Brady was evicted from his Cherry Gardens, St Andrew home on Wednesday for millions of dollars owed in rent for the premises.

Attorney Nico Pagon from the law firm Messrs Caroline PA, representing the owner of the premises, gave some details of the outstanding rental.

"Initially it was about $7 million for back rent, (but) some amount of monies has been paid,” Pagon said.

"Right now the bailiff is executing a writ of possession which we obtained from the Supreme Court for us to have possession of the premises so that we can return it to our client, as well as order (for the) seizure and sale of certain articles," the attorney added.

Loop News was on the scene as the disbarred attorney and his belongings, including furniture and two pit bulls, were removed from the house.

Watch the video below.

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