Saturday 7 December, 2019

WATCH: ‘Ethiopian royalty’ on spot for Seaga's send-off

Upton Eric Blake

Upton Eric Blake

Supporters, well-wishers, dignitaries and politicians of all stripes, shades and ranks have been arriving in their numbers at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in downtown Kingston to pay their final respects to former Prime Minister, Edwards Seaga.

As is customary, supporters of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) have also gathered along the roadway belting out chants of “Shower Labourites”, a slogan that has traditionally been used by members of the party that Seaga led for decades.

One thing that is also present is high sense of fashion among many of the people who are attending the funeral.

Quite noticeable and obviously somewhat different from them all was Upton Eric Blake, a 51-year-old Rastafarian man who was among those persons who made statements with their attire. However, in the case of Blake, he kept on drawing stares and glances of admiration and even curiosity from many on location.

“I and I came all the way from Old Harbour to pay my final respect to the big man,” said Blake while holding a military-like pose as he spoke to Loop News.

“I am part of the royal family in Ethiopia, and this occasion was one where I had to present myself,” he elaborated rather sparingly.

Watch the video below as activities leading up to the funeral intensified.


Stay tuned as Loop News continues to provide close-up coverage of the funeral service.

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