Friday 10 July, 2020

WATCH: Education Ministry moves to cut dangerous prank among schoolers

A screen grab from a video of a dangerous new prank among a group of schoolboys.

A screen grab from a video of a dangerous new prank among a group of schoolboys.

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information has called on its various stakeholders to immediately nip in the bud any emergence of a dangerous prank dubbed the ‘Tripping Jump Challenge’ that is now tending on social media and catching on in local learning institutions.

"The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information uses this medium to advise our stakeholders of the growing trend of a popular prank called the Jump Trip Challenge or the Tripping Jump Challenge, which appears to be spreading on social media. Several videos are circulating on the Internet showing students jumping and violently falling to the ground after being tripped by others.

“School administrators are being cautioned against the popular prank within our schools, and are advised to take every precaution to stymie this practice," read a statement from the ministry to its regional directors, school board chairmen and principals of all public educational institutions over the weekend.

"The ministry stands ready to provide any assistance you may need to ensure that this practice ceases immediately. You may contact your regional office for further details," the statement continued.

 The modus operandi of the pranksters is to encourage their peers to compete in the tripping jump challenge, which involves three persons. The three persons are placed in a horizontal line with the person in the middle unaware of what will soon happen. As the student in the middle, who is being duped into believing all three will be jumping simultaneously, springs up, he/she is tripped by the two persons to the left and right.

"The persons on both ends give the impression that all three persons will be jumping in a contest, but instead, the two persons on both sides use their feet to trip the middle child, who is innocently jumping, causing that person to fall inhumanely to the floor," the statement from the ministry added.


There are reports that several children have been seriously hurt as a result of having fallen victims to the prank.

The ministry has called for a zero-tolerance approach to be taken to the prank, which it said could result in serious physical and financial consequences.

"The prank is a horrific act and demonstrates a lack of good judgment on the part of those involved, and should not be tolerated. Students are partaking in the prank and not realising that a fall of such nature can cause serious physical, mental and emotional damage, with great legal and financial implications," the ministry outlined.

“Kindly ensure that your parents are made aware of this unfortunate situation, and enlist their support in reiterating among the students the importance of respect for each other, the need for empathy, and for every child to feel and be safe, as well as to use social media responsibly," the statement added.

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