Monday 1 June, 2020

WATCH: Did Elephant Man 'Find It'?

Elephant Man

Elephant Man

The streets are buzzing about Elephant Man's latest high-octane dance single, 'Find It', and given the advance chatter on social media platforms about the single, it seems that the dancehall veteran "find it fi real". In the local vernacular, 'Ele step up E ting daddy!'.

"The energy in the studio was amazing. Before I recorded in the studio, I got the best, Skatta at the production, Leftside on the keyboard, Kirkledove at the drums, Jay as the engineer, Bulby, Kunley at the snare and hi hat, the whole ah we in the studio and mi just pen it out, put it together. The energy was crazy, as you see is a teamwork, the energy was off the chain," Elephant Man told Loop News reporter Claude Mills. 

"The whole studio tun up and we mek the miracle. We give thanks, 'Find It', keeping the dancehall happy and lively, and keep the dancehall happy. We want to mek the fans dem have a good time, Christmas ah come," the deejay continued. "In Jamaica, the crime and violence, we have to take the youths dem mind off that, mek dem listen happy music, some good music and hold a vibes with them girl and, when dem go the party dem, there is no tension or none ah the stand up stiff and pree one another. People ah enjoy demself, party nice, just good music and that is my motto from day one, nothing no change."

On Wednesday, Skatta Burrell posted a video teaser of 'Find It' on his Twitter profile featuring Elephant Man and his superstar friends hanging out with a high-energy vibe, and a rehearsed skit. Among the other entertainment figures in the video are Ce'Cile, Skatta Burrell, Kunley (Ward 21), Leftside, Bulby York, Ikel Marvelous, Shelly Belly, and Joe Bogdanovich, all of whom form BadCoMpany/DSR.

A video to promote the song is slated to be released Friday.

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