Wednesday 16 October, 2019

WATCH: Desperate appeal for 13-y-o girl missing for over a year

A social media post in relation to missing girl, Tamoy Naxwell.

A social media post in relation to missing girl, Tamoy Naxwell.

Families that have had to report their children missing have described the days or sometimes weeks or months that they have had to wait to hear what has happened to their loved ones as one of the worst feelings they have had to encounter.

Indeed, a family in East Kingston has been literally living a nightmare for well over a year as it relates to that very same situation.

Reports from the family are that in November 2017, one of their own, 12-year-old Tamoy Maxwell, went missing.

"Tamoy Maxwell went missing in November 2017 when she was just 12 years old. Her father and grandmother desperately need your help," said a post from the family.

The circumstances as to how the child when missing were not disclosed.

What was clear, however, is that the development triggered a massive search, with the family hoping that they would be able to reunite with their loved one.

That wait has moved from days into well over a year and still counting, to the point where many around the family have lost hope.


But the father of the child is determined that he does not intend to stop looking, and has again issued a call for help, and in a joint partnership with the Child Protecting and Family Services Agency (CPFSA), has this time taken to social media for assistance.

“It has been (over a year) since she went missing and I am calling on anyone out there who can assist me in helping to find my baby girl,” the father said.

“It has been (over a year) since I am sitting here not getting anywhere; It is so hard for me to be here without my daughter and I love her so much, I don’t know how to explain,” said the father as he broke down in tears.

The CPFSA said the case was posted as it went through its list of missing persons and was checking to see which of the children from the list had returned home.

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