Tuesday 24 November, 2020

WATCH: Dayton Campbell says sorry for his role in PNP disunity

Dayton Campbell

Dayton Campbell

Former People's National Party (PNP) Member of Parliament for North Western St Ann, Dr Dayton Campbell has apologised for the role he played in causing what appears to be disunity in the party.

Campbell, who lost his seat during the PNP's crushing defeat to the Jamaica Labour Party in the September 3 General Election, issued the apology in a video posted to his social media channels on Wednesday evening.

He said "being on the outside looking on" has afforded him a good vantage point for introspection and observation of the PNP. 

"I think that the political party is currently at a point that it is in need of unity, organisation, proper funding and truth-speaking in a respectable manner," Campbell said in the two-minute video.

“If I've ever been one of the individuals, and I suspect that I have been, that caused us to appear that way [disunited] in the past, then, as an adult, as a big man, I want to unreservedly offer my own apologies for any role that I would have played," he added.

Campbell was campaign manager for Peter Bunting during the latter's attempt to wrest leadership of the PNP from current party President Dr Peter Phillips.

The JLP captured 49 of the 63 parliamentary seats at the polls, with the PNP winning only 14. Political analysts cite varying reasons for the loss including last year's challenge by Bunting which they say further divided the party.

Current PNP presidential candidate Mark Golding, who supported Bunting's Rise United campaign, recently admitted that the challenge contributed to the walloping the party received in the September 3 General Election, noting that it caused a perception that the party was not united at the leadership level.


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