Sunday 21 July, 2019

WATCH: Dancing traffic cop in India spreads traffic awareness

A traffic policeman in Indore, India, who dances his way to managing traffic has been grabbing headlines.

Whistling constantly, he twists and turns in style, and does his famous moonwalk to steer the waiting vehicles.

Ranjeet Singh, 38, who has been with the traffic police since 2005, says his moves have a method - to create awareness on traffic rules.


"I could not bear to see so many youngsters dying or getting maimed. So I hit upon a way to send the message," he says.


Though Ranjeet Singh had never danced before, the idea came to him naturally. He started with small steps, refined his moves gradually and went on to perfect the hugely popular moonwalk technique.

Initially, the response from the commuters was mixed, but now 90 percent of the people are supportive, he says.

If he sees anyone breaking a traffic rule, he pulls them aside and counsels, asking them to think about their families. "It works, people promise to change and they do," he says.

The city of Indore has recognised that Ranjeet Singh has done a remarkable job spreading awareness on traffic rules and in helping reducing accidents, which used to claim more than 500 people annually.

His bosses are happy that he has improved the image of the police.

Scorching sun or pouring rain, there is nothing to stop Ranjeet Singh from dancing in the streets.

Where does he get his energy? "I love my work and I love my country. I see it as a patriotic duty to reduce accidents. That gives me energy," he says.

In his free time, Ranjeet Singh also doubles up as a motivational speaker and mentors new hires of the police department.

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