Sunday 15 September, 2019

WATCH: Crawford ‘clarifies’ Ann-Marie Vaz comments

Damion Crawford

Damion Crawford

Following the furor that emerged after he recently raised what some have labelled as classist and sexist comments about his rival for the East Portland seat in the April 4 by-election, People’s National Party (PNP) candidate, Damion Crawford, gave a very different outline of his initial comments at another party political meeting in the parish.

Crawford initially labelled the contest between him and Ann-Marie Vaz as being essentially one pitting a beautiful face against a beautiful brain, with Vaz being able to lay claim to the fancy face, and he the ‘beautiful brain’.

He also cited Vaz’s potential as being limited to being “Mrs Vaz”, which has not gone down well with some Jamaicans.  

On Sunday, in his latest outline, which was certainly interesting, he sought to clarify the matter, and he is again captured on video, which is outlined below.

Additionally, PNP President, Dr Peter Phillips, in his own address at the meeting on Sunday, weighed in on the matter with potentially explosive consequences too.

See it all below in Loop’s coverage of the meeting.


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