Friday 3 April, 2020

Watch: 'Boat running' in St Ann's mystical 'firewater’

A man prepares a meal in the 'firewater' in St Ann.

A man prepares a meal in the 'firewater' in St Ann.

The 'Garden Parish' of St Ann is known for its beauty and historical sites, so much so that it has become a major attraction for tourists.

Among the parish's increasingly popular sites is the ‘firewater’ located in Windsor. The mineral spring is rumored to have water with mystical healing properties.

Several stories have surfaced about the purported healing powers of the water, including allegations of people being cured of skin infections and arthritis by soaking in the pond for a while.

But the 'magic' of the firewater doesn't just stop at healing, according to locals. Below is a video of a group of young men actually cooking or, as Jamaicans call it, 'running a boat’ on a wood fire in the spring itself.

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