Sunday 25 October, 2020

Anti-violence group condemns murder of 14 year-old Raven Wilson

Raven Wilson was found dead on Sunday.

Raven Wilson was found dead on Sunday.

The Violence Prevention Alliance (VPA) is condemning the killing of 14-year-old Raven Wilson who was murdered and body discovered in a garbage bag in bushes at Top Pen in St Ann last Sunday morning.

The alliance said that the frequency within which young lives were being snuffed out was becoming alarming and urged community members not to take the law into their own hands, but to instead, provide the necessary information so that the perpetrator(s) could be brought to justice.

“It is worrisome that we are failing to protect our most vulnerable, our children. But at the same time we cannot fight violence with violence by taking matters in our own hands. Allow the police to do their jobs and justice to be served,” said the alliance.

The VPA noted that it is shocking that in less than two months another 14-year-old child was murdered. “The levels of crime and violence against the nation’s children are unacceptable. As a society, we have to unite and protect our children.”

The alliance said that the family of Wilson will need grief counselling and therapy to get through this difficult period.

“Having a love one snatched away in a cruel and gruesome way will have grave impact on family and friends. We urge the Government to provide the necessary grief counselling to assist the family of Raven Wilson through this tragedy,” said the VPA.

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