Friday 25 September, 2020

VM Wealth Management launches two new unit trust products

Devon Barrett, Chief Executive Officer of VM Wealth.

Devon Barrett, Chief Executive Officer of VM Wealth.

Victoria Mutual Wealth Management (VM Wealth), the investment arm of the Victoria Mutual Group, on Monday launched two new unit trust products - VM Wealth International Equity Fund (USD) and VM Wealth Money Market Fund (JMD).

These new products are part of VM Wealth’s response to changes in the Jamaican investment market, including the narrowing of investment options for investors who are just starting to build their portfolios or who choose to maintain a minimum liquid position.

The new products were launched at Wealth Talks: Innovation, a VM Wealth investor update event held at the Terra Nova All-suite Hotel at Waterloo Road, St Andrew.

The International Equity Fund will be invested in instruments assessed to have attractive return potential on a risk-adjusted basis. The portfolio will be invested in non-Jamaican equities and investments, which can include US equities, futures, options and other equity-related instruments. The portfolio will be benchmarked to the S&P 500.

These new products provide clients with many benefits, including, expert portfolio management with active management for optimising returns and mitigating attendant risks; offering an alternative to the traditional repo investment; offering an alternative to the local equity market and the potential for greater diversification.

Devon Barrett, Chief Executive Officer of VM Wealth, said: “As investors continue to seek diversification and look for investment options to optimise their portfolio returns, VM Wealth continues to respond to our clients’ needs by expanding our product offerings. In 2016, we launched five funds, one in 2017 and now, two additional and we intend to remain aggressive in this area.”

Wealth Talks: Innovation serves as a platform for the experienced VM Wealth team to share expert knowledge on investments and the current financial climate. See details of the new products below:

VM Wealth Money Market Fund:

Investment objective & strategy

To invest in short-term liquid securities towards minimising the risk of capital loss. This is suitable for investors who have a low-risk appetite and are concerned about principal preservation.

·Minimum initial Investment: $10,000

·Minimum subsequent investment: $5,000

The Money Market Fund will be invested in assets denominated in Jamaican dollars, issued primarily by the Government and the Central Bank and is expected to provide a similar risk exposure as the traditional Repurchase Agreement (Repo) investment.

VM Wealth International Equity Fund:

Investment objectives and strategy

To invest in the equity indices of developed markets to track the performance of the broader markets, earning capital appreciation over the medium term. This is suitable for investors who have an aggressive risk appetite.

·         Minimum initial Investment: US$500

·         Minimum subsequent Investment: US$100.

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