Wednesday 24 July, 2019

St Vincent woman set on fire after refusing to have sex with lover

Vincentian authorities have detained one man for questioning after a 44-year-old woman suffered 2nd to 3rd-degree burns when she was allegedly set on fire in her bed for refusing sex. 

According to a report by iWitness News, Monique Clarke, of Biabou, reportedly refused to give money or sex to her abusive partner, who she had been seeing for the past two years. 

Relatives said Clarke and the man had gone to a karaoke event on Saturday night but left the event early as her 13-year-old son had an event on Sunday. 

The inebriated man went with her back to her house where he asked her for $20 to return to the event, however, she declined as she was saving it to give to her son for an event on Sunday. 

The man then asked her for sex numerous times, however, she rejected him.

The man then poured a flammable liquid on Clarke while she lay on her bed and set it on fire. 

Clarke's 13-year-old son heard his mother screaming and rushed in to see her covered in flames. 

Clarke managed to run into the yard where some buckets of water were stored and doused herself in order to put out the flames. 

She was rushed to hospital where she remains warded in serious condition. 

Her sister Iesha Richardson also issued a statement via social media:

"My nephew was there, whole night he harassing the woman for she $20 she had put aside to give her son to attend a function tomorrow, wanted her to go back down the road with him she told him NO! Came back in harassing her for Sex she said "No.. she not in the mood leave her alone" her son spoke to him telling him done with the noise. He responded saying "Ok"."

"My sister thought is water he throwing on the bed... before she could turn around the bed was on fire, the room was in a blaze.My nephew came out his room whrn he heard his mother screaming, helped put out the fire on his mother and questioned him why he did that to his mom? His reply "she think she bad well me show she who badder" God never sleeps!"

Vincentian authorities are investigating. 

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