Thursday 13 December, 2018

Video: Westmoreland siblings charting energy and shipping enterprise

Brother and sister business owners, Ryan (right) and Tashana Anderson (left).

Brother and sister business owners, Ryan (right) and Tashana Anderson (left).

When Ryan Anderson enrolled at the Caribbean Maritime Institute (now university) in 2011, he had his sights set on developing his skills and expertise in industrial engineering.

But he knew from the onset that he would likely seek to build his own company, rather than opting for a job within the labour market.

It was, however, an involvement in the Jamaica Public Service Company’s (JPS) LED street lighting project that sparked his interest in renewable energy, leading him to start his own company – RTA Biz Energy Solutions while pursuing his studies.

Dedicated and ready to build his firm, Ryan recalled spending hours researching energy solutions and performing installations on his own before approaching clients.

He would later recruit his older sister, Tashana, to join the enterprise.

“We are a close-knitted family, so we were very supportive of Ryan, so it wasn’t a hard decision to leave my job at the Ministry of Health to join him,” said Tashana.

The Westmoreland-bred siblings would later add shipping service to the business, with both RTA Biz Shipping and RTA Energy Solutions now seeing significant growth.

Tashana credits Ryan’s drive and passion to lead and develop for the company’s development so far.

He has also expressed his plans to set up shop in areas that are underserved by shipping businesses, Tashana indicated.

Check out this video below, which was edited by Shawn Barnes, for the journey of the Anderson siblings.

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