Thursday 18 July, 2019

Video: UWI Hospital launches digital system

The University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) has officially launched its Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) to digitise medical records and management functions at the leading medical institution.

News of the system first appeared in 2016 when the hospital announced that it will be converting to an electronic management system through a US $1-million investment.

Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton said it was imperative that the hospital adapted to the changing time to better serve the public.  

“The need to respond has to also be dynamic, and if we don't keep with the changing time then we become less competitive and the consequence of that is the people who need to serve will be at a disadvantage. Anything we do has to translate to providing a better service for the people”, said Tufton.

“In the decade we have seen a rapid evolution in the various ways that technology continues to shape and direct how we work and operate”, said Professor Archibald McDonald, PVC and Principal for the University of the West Indies.

“Documentation is often inadequate and deficient because people write what they want to write. With the electronic system you're guided in your documentation which you provide”.

Besides digital documentation, the system will also aid in management of electronic medical record, inpatient treatment, front office appointments, and pharmaceuticals.

“The only way to manage a modern system like this is to have electronic health records and a modern electronic management system where nursing, administration and physician integrate into one platform”, said Dr Carl Bruce, Medical Chief of Staff, UHWI.

The project was handled by Jamaican IT company Advanced Integrated Systems (AIS) and its partner Suvarna, based in India.

“We are now ahead and we want to stay ahead. This will improve healthcare delivery and more importantly create national medical record repository which will be invaluable in improving diagnosis and also in research”, said Doug Hasall, AIS CEO.

The hospital has already used the system with over 27,000 patients; scanned, categorised and indexed over 260,000 pages and over 22,000 patients’ docks.

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