Friday 22 March, 2019

VIDEO: Tech expert lobbies for SME protection in new data law

Matthew McNaughton

Matthew McNaughton

The founder of the non-profit technology organisation, SlashRoots Foundation, Matthew McNaughton believes the Data Protection Act currently before parliament needs modification for it to be relevant in the Jamaican context.

McNaughton contends that while it is good that the government is putting in place data protection for Jamaican citizens, sections of the bill are too wide and need to be more specific in how it is worded. For instance, he said the act as it is now will be placing responsibilities on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that will come at an expense too burdensome for them to bear.

Among the elements of the act that SlashRoots is looking to change is how consent is given for the use of personal data to both private and public sector organisations. He said that consent forms should be clear and specific with easy to read wording.

Loop News' reporter Job Nelson sat down with McNaughton to discuss some of the faults with the present Data Protection Act and the measures needed to correct them. Watch the video below.

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