Thursday 2 July, 2020

Video: Tamara McPherson slaying cosmetic industry with virtual shop

Tamara McPherson is the owner of an online beauty story, Jus Slay Beauty Bar.

Tamara McPherson is the owner of an online beauty story, Jus Slay Beauty Bar.

Tamera McPherson is making a name for herself in the local makeup retail space, but with a twist. 

McPherson is the owner of an online beauty store, Jus Slay Beauty Bar.

Jus Slay Beauty Bar offers a variety of beauty and makeup products and features a “Slay Assistant” who walks customers through the shopping experience. 

“What we try to do is create a space that imitates an actual beauty store,” McPherson said.

Click the video edited by Ramon Lindsay for details.

She added: “With the rise of Instagram businesses, it’s even a much more competitive market place, so I try to create a unique customer experience.”

The idea to venture into the makeup business didn’t come overnight for McPherson. 

She first began selling Avon Products at Knox Community College and continued offering makeup under the brand Tmacs Makeup and More, in her final year at the University of Technology. 

“I really just took my passion, and made it into a formal business,” she said. 

McPherson considers herself as a serial entrepreneur, investor, and advisor – those traits have enabled her to craft the vision of an expanded Jus Slay and set up another venture.

“The opportunities are endless for Jus Slay… we can definitely offer more products, more services, and we do plan to do this in phases,” McPherson said. 

McPherson is also the founder of Next Level Consultancy, which she said:  “allows me to utilize my creativity and marketing expertise in propelling other businesses to the next level through marketing."

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