Monday 6 July, 2020

VIDEO: Spyda Stretch talks musical journey, upcoming projects

Spyda Stretch

Spyda Stretch

The cultural influence of Jamaica spans the globe with it’s diverse tentacles, one of which is music.

Loop Jamaica’s video producer Shawn Barnes recently caught up with Spyda Stretch, the son of the iconic sound system owner and operator, Jack Scorpio of the Black Scorpio sound system.

Stretch told Loop News that he always wanted to pursue a career in the music industry - no particular area, as long as he was bringing people and cultures together. However, he said, “my main love is singing”.

The artiste is set to release his new single ‘Paparazzi’ on the Caspa records label and is also working on a new EP for release later this year. Take a look at the video below to gain more insight on this musical son of the soil.

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