Thursday 22 October, 2020

Video: Spa owner fosters partnerships in beauty industry

Daenia Ashpole, Managing Director of Day and Night Beauty.

Daenia Ashpole, Managing Director of Day and Night Beauty.

It’s been three years since international trade specialist Daenia Ashpole opened a salon and spa to cater to customers after regular business hours.

At the time, Ashpole shared with Young People in Business, her goal of providing a space for clients to access beauty and spa services as late as midnight.

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Like many businesses, the young entrepreneur has had to re-adjust her business model.

For instance, she has started to offer her services during regular hours in addition to the night time, resulting in a name change to Day and Night Beauty.

The Day and Night Beauty managing director has also expanded the pool of workers at the business, not only employing full-time staff but creating a space for other brands to offer their services.

With this model, Ashpole can offer a variety of services and enable other entrepreneurs to diversify their revenue stream and contain costs.

Most recently, the salon and spa owner has had to exercise creativity with navigating the coronavirus pandemic.

The pandemic has nonetheless, strengthened Ashpole’s resolve to keep her business afloat.

Watch the video edited by Richard Baker for more.

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