Monday 24 February, 2020

Video: Repair work on Papine market underway

Member of Parliament for St. Andrew East Rural, Faval Williams says vendors and patrons will shortly have the full utility of the Papine Market, as repair work in the wake of a serious fire has recently commenced. 

The repair work, to restore the roof of the property, is expected to last about a month.

Williams expressed the hope that the local authorities would take a broader view of the market and its potential, noting that Papine Market needed to be repurposed and formatted to take into account Papine’s situation as a major point of exchange between rural and urban parts of St Andrew and the gateway to the Blue and John Crow Mountain area. 

Watch the video for more details.

“We have a more populated town and there are still folks who might use the market if it were upgraded, so we’d love to see a different view taken to bring the market to 2019 standards- which will bring more patrons, and thus more benefits to the vendors,” Williams said. 

Williams also commended the KSAMC for prioritizing the market amid a tight budgetary situation. 

Vendors meanwhile have given conditional approval to the start of the repairs. 

“I’m totally glad that the market is being fixed,” one vendor said, “it's a long time now, but I am glad that it's fixing.” 

Another vendor expressed the view that the work was a good development as the vendors were discouraged from selling on the roadside, but the damage to the roof made the market difficult to operate in when it rained.

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