Tuesday 14 July, 2020

VIDEO: Motorists disgruntled with gas price levels

Motorists have been facing rising prices for petrol over recent months, with local oil refinery, Petrojam, announcing almost weekly increases.

On Thursday, an increase of $1.45 per litre was announced by Petrojam for 87 and 90 gasoline, with diesel oil going up by $1.96 and ultra-low sulphur diesel oil by $1.59. 

It means that 87 gasoline is now being sold for $135.0328 per litre, with 90 gasoline going for $137.8687, diesel for $134.7003 and ultra-low sulphur diesel for $139.3274. These are reportedly record petrol prices locally

With dealer mark-ups and other variables added, it reaches the consumer much higher, with a service station at Three Miles, St Andrew, for example, selling 87 gasoline for $159.83, 90 gasoline for $171.80, diesel for $158.20, and ultra-low sulphur diesel for $168.40.

The prices could differ slightly or significantly at other petrol stations across the country.

The motorists have been mumbling, but with their options limited, they have been quietly absorbing the increases while waiting for the prices to stabilise, hopefully at much lower levels.

Loop News sought to get the views of drivers about the rising petrol prices being faced, and how they are coping with the challenge.

Watch the video below, edited by Marlon Reid, with motorists in Half-Way Tree, St Andrew talking about how the increases have been affecting their pockets.

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