Wednesday 14 November, 2018

VIDEO: Make political code of conduct a law, urges Munroe

Professor Trevor Munroe

Professor Trevor Munroe

National Integrity Action executive director, Professor Trevor Munroe has urged stakeholders to pass the political code of conduct into law.

"The code of political conduct, now a gentleman's agreement, ought to be passed into law so that those who violate its provisions and those who breach its agreement will be subject to prosecution and to the appropriate punishment if found guilty," Munroe said, speaking at the NIA's certification ceremony for 434 persons trained under its Champion programme on Sunday.

Supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the programme, which is being undertaken in collaboration with the Council of Voluntary Social Services (CVSS), involves the training of trainers in anti-corruption practices.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness pointed out that the project “is really a profound change” in the strategy being employed to stimulate a new culture of accountability, transparency and anti-corruption in Jamaica.

“There is no doubt that integrity, accountability and transparency are necessary pillars of any prosperous and progressive society. Having true ambassadors of integrity will definitely improve and build capacity for local and citizen-based action against corruption,” Holness said.

Watch the video below.