Sunday 8 December, 2019

VIDEO: Litchfield farming community boosted with concrete road

The residents of rural Manchester farming community Litchfield now have a clear path to development with the completion of 530 metres of concrete paving to replace the former asphalt stretch.

The roadway, which was officially handed over on Sunday, is a joint project between Member of Parliament Audley Shaw and Caribbean Cement Limited, which donated the materials and the expertise. 

Carib Cement general manager Peter Donkersloot said, in order to truly build Jamaica, Government, the private sector, and citizens must work together to make the dream a reality. 

Shaw praised the company for selecting the community to be among its model sites for demonstrating the capability of concrete as an alternative to traditional asphalt surfaces. Concrete, the company said, lasts up to four times longer than asphalt roads and, unlike asphalt, requires no patching, thus reducing the cost of maintenance. 

Collin Walters, who spoke on behalf of the residents, said the road was "a very important step in the development of the community" as it will help stimulate further growth by making the passage of people and goods easier. He noted that the volume of traffic on the roadway had already increased substantially since the completion of the works. 

Some 75 persons were employed over nearly six weeks on the project, at a cost of over $10 million.

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