Friday 3 July, 2020

VIDEO: Let's talk about... how long before sex?

Stock photo of a couple.

Stock photo of a couple.

Sexual intercourse is a natural part of a couple’s relationship. Traditionally, a man and a woman court each other for a while - which gives enough time for each to know the other properly - before engaging in intercourse.

However, modern thinking and way of life have slammed the door shut on many traditional values, including those that involve sexual intercourse. Some people are now comfortable to have intercourse even as early as the first date.

Jamaica, with many values rooted in the church, is gradually becoming sexually liberated, including women who used to be the main proponents for intercourse after many dates.

So, for Loop News' latest weekly feature, Let's Talk About..., reporter Job Nelson and videographer Marlon Reid took to the streets of the Corporate Area to hear people's thoughts on dating and sexual intercourse.

Watch as Jamaicans answer the question: How long should it take for a couple to date before they engage in sexual intercourse? 


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