Friday 23 August, 2019

Video: Keon Hinds, the force behind Kinetic Engineering

Keon Hinds, Managing Director of Kinetic Engineering.

Keon Hinds, Managing Director of Kinetic Engineering.

More than just an appropriate name for the services it offers, Kinetic Engineering would quite rightly symbolize the sweat equity that Keon Hinds put into the business he founded seven years ago.

After being labelled as “too young to get the job done”, Hines pressed on to land one of his first contracts.

Reflecting on his first meeting with an older client, Hines said it was a conversation of mixed feelings.

“He said some things that weren’t necessarily uplifting at the time, but I just walked away with the positives and decided not to hold onto the negatives of the conversation,” Hinds said.

Kinetic Engineering offers a wide range of services for the construction sector spanning design, construction engineering (civil, mechanical, electrical, and industrial) and project management.

“When we first started, we got jobs simple jobs like building a pool house. Then we got a house and that moved to five and then over 100 (houses)” Hinds said.

Watch the video edited by Ramon Lindsay

As Kinetic grew over the years, so did its services. The company started out of the need to mitigate against drainage and flooding issues in construction, Hines said.

The company later added construction of hydraulic systems including stormwater drainage and various piping for buildings and road projects and later houses and other major developments. 

Among the long list of projects Hinds has worked on are the recent cancer treatment centres at the Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay and the St Joseph’s Hospital in Kingston.

Hinds has lost count of the works undertaken but, even so, he couldn’t reveal several of them due to confidentiality agreements.

“Kinetic has done houses in Kingston, St Ann and Portland,” he said.

Hinds, who received his training at the University of Technology and was one of the youngest registered professional engineers locally, hopes to offer services to the wider Caribbean in the medium-term.

Hinds hails from Montego Bay and is a past student of the Ruseas High School in neighbouring Hanover.


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