Wednesday 19 June, 2019

VIDEO: Jamaicans react to new grooming policy for schools

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information on Sunday announced a new policy for schools to use as guidelines for the grooming of children during the upcoming school year.

Minister Ruel Reid said it will help school administrators and parents determine the acceptability, appropriateness and suitability of the appearance of students, especially in relation to their hair.

The introduction of the grooming policy comes in the wake of recent controversy surrounding a female student being refused access to Kensington Primary in Portmore due to her dreadlock hairstyle.  

In light of the new guidelines, Loop News took to the streets Half-Way Tree, New Kingston and Downtown, to get the public’s reaction. Watch the video below.

In the new policy, the guidelines for females are:      

Clean neatly maintained hair. Hair may be worn in pack, braids, twist of locks that are evenly spaced; hair accessories shall be pinned inconspicuous and school colour with no more than two colours worn at any time. Hair should remain in its natural colour; no fashion trends, shave sides, visible lines or patterns; no styles associated with gangs, antisocial cliques or groups; no wigs or hair extensions; no bleached or dyed hair; eyebrows shall not be shaved or have any visible lines or patterns.

 The guidelines for males are:

Clean neatly maintained hair; shall be kept in a conventional low cut that is evenly graded around the head with the length kept close to the scalp. Alternatively, hair shall be groomed to conform with the conventional standard of an even profile appearing close to the head. As a result, hair shall either be worn in a low evenly graded cut or in a style that is close to the head, away from the face, ears and eyes and secured. If long enough at the based of the neck, hair length that cannot conform with such requirements must be covered at all times with approved headwear.

Hair shall remain in its natural texture and colour; no hairstyle affiliate with gangs, antisocial cliques or groups; no chemical processed style, bleached or dyed hair; eyebrows shall not be shaved or have any visible lines or patterns; no beards, moustache, or sideburn allowed, and students with facial hair should be clean shaved.

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