Thursday 21 February, 2019

Video: Good habits for a better heart

Heart attacks are prevalent around the globe, and the situation is no different in Jamaica, with many families being impacted by the almost certain deadly illness.

Caused by an interruption of blood supply to the heart, according to Dr Rohan Wilks, consultant cardiologist with the Heart Foundation of Jamaica, while heart attacks are not preventable, a healthy lifestyle will reduce the associated risks.

Nutrition and exercise are key factors in preventing heart attacks, which normally start with chest pain that moves to other parts of the body, with those getting the condition sweating and having shortness of breath, and might even lose consciousness.

Dr Wilks explained that other illnesses, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, could also bring on a heart attack.

In this health feature, Loop News reporter Job Nelson and videographer Marlon Reid talk with Wilks about the illness.

Watch the video and make good use of the information.

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