Sunday 23 September, 2018

Video: Danielle Terrelonge credits DRT’s success to ‘creative talents’

Danielle Terrelonge, Managing Director of DRT Communications.

Danielle Terrelonge, Managing Director of DRT Communications.

A good team and solid foundation can help drive growth in any company.

This has been the case for Danielle Terrelonge, Managing Director of DRT Communications, a local marketing and communications consulting agency.

She credits much of the success to her team members, whom she said have also empowered her as a young businesswoman.

“I have some of the most amazing, creative and talented team-members. Some of them are more excited some days about the growth of DRT than even I am,” she said. “I take so much of my energy from them and I am so thankful to be able to have them.”

Terrelonge also noted that good company governance contributed to DRT’s revenue growth.

“We’ve had 139 per cent revenue growth in a year, after having a board of directors. Some people will say, maybe the opportunity was just right. But I think it’s because we had good structure in place and accountability,” she said.

Terrelonge was the first investee of angel investment in the Caribbean from First Angels Jamaica in 2015.

The deal allowed DRT communications to expand its operations and invest in technology to add the media monitoring segment of the business.

First Angels Jamaica provides financing for young entrepreneurs in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Watch the video edited by Richard Baker for Terrelonge's story.